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We launched in 2006 and today manage about £200 million on behalf of clients. Our focus is to grow clients’ capital sensibly and our capital preservation mindset has stood the test of time.

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Our track record

We launched our discretionary management service in 2006, and have navigated the portfolios through good times and bad. We’re proud to say that we’ve protected our clients’ capital and today we have around £200 million of funds under management.

We focus on actively managed funds, taking a sensible approach and always maintaining our awareness of downside risks. Adopting a global view, we continually identify where the risks and opportunities lie.

What we offer clients

We offer a range of model portfolios, and the discretionary powers of our specialist team allow us to make alterations to these quickly and efficiently. Each portfolio typically holds between 17 and 25 funds selected from the whole of the market, ensuring diversification across asset classes, countries and sectors.

We conduct our own fund research using specialist tools such as Morning star, but we also take the opportunity to meet fund managers regularly face-to-face to ensure each fund continues to meet its objectives and remains appropriate to our clients’ needs.

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