The Process

Our investment style is a combination of both top-down asset/industry allocation and bottom up fund selection.

We rely predominantly on fundamental analysis, although we do use technical analysis for short-term timing of investment decisions.


Our view on the world and subsequent investment decisions are reviewed continuously by the Investment Team and we hold fortnightly meetings to document these views and decisions more formally.

At Richmond House Investment Management we are not driven by these quantitative asset allocation models. The concept of backward-looking asset allocation models using quantitative models built on historical data is not, in our opinion, a successful way of making decisions about the future.

In our view, high quality asset allocation decisions are based on forward-looking, fundamentally driven analysis. This takes into account valuation, correlations, risk and future return expectations.

We would argue that in making decisions for the future, looking forward is what counts. We are constantly assessing the outlook for the markets and the global economy both over the short and longer term to determine where we see risk and where we see opportunity. To stimulate our thought processes we have access to the resources and expertise of leading global investment firms.

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