Richmond House Investment Management offer six model portfolios which suit the varying levels of risk and reward profiles of most investors.

Discretionary investment capabilities allow us to set, review and amend the asset allocation and underlying investments in response to the economic and investment outlook.

The model portfolios use collective investments such as unit trusts and OEICS to gain exposure to global asset classes such as UK and global equities, government bonds, corporate bond, property and cash. We access the best fund managers across all the traditional asset classes with no bias.

Richmond House Investment Management hold the view that not every asset class or sector suits all points of the market cycle and that no one fund manager can outperform their respective index or benchmark all of the time. It is our job to seek out the asset classes which are most attractive at a particular point in the market cycle and the fund managers which can outperform or offer better risk reward characteristics at that particular time.

The model portfolios are well diversified, typically holding between 17 and 25 collective investments and each model has a different limit in terms of maximum equity exposure permitted. We also restrict how much can be invested with any one asset management company and in any one fund.

We use wrap platforms to  provide a range of tax efficient products and access to the ‘whole of market’ investment universe in one central location. This allows consolidation of product and investment arrangements and the ability for an investment manager to make changes to your underlying portfolio of investments efficiently on an ongoing basis. Wrap platforms allow you to view your portfolio 24/7.

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